Body Art Ideas That Will Inspire Your Next Tattoo

Maybe you want to get a new tattoo, but you aren’t sure what you want to put on your skin. Will it be an animal? Will it be a landscape? Maybe an incredible optical illusion to show off to your friends. Whatever the reason is, you must be very thoughtful about what it is going to be. After all, these are permanent tattoos. But we want to help you not to spend days or even weeks trying to decide. Whether you are looking for new ideas, inspiration, or just curious about what other people have chosen, we got you covered. But be warned, remember that this is the work of professionals and heavy talented artists. You will most likely be running off to your tattoo parlor of choice after you finished reading this article and be amazed at all the pictures we have chosen.

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Going all out

To establish we are talking seriously, we will begin with a complex tattoo. You can clearly see here; the artist went all out. We can’t even comprehend how someone came with a concept like this.

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You can see three sets of eyes, a head that turns into birds, and a keyhole with a skull looking through. One just can’t stop looking at it. On top of everything, the combination of colors makes it look even more surreal.

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