Be Weird, Be Rude, Stay Alive: Safety Tips for Our Girlies That Live Alone

In short: better safe than sorry. Statistics tell us that men are actually more at-risk to be the victim of a home intrusion, but statistics also tell us that women are more disadvantaged due to the size and strength of intruders. If you have a (or like us, several) true-crime podcasts that you tune into every week, then you’ve probably heard one too many stories of women being the target of a horrible home invasion that more than likely didn’t end well, or, in the event these women survived, they probably had some sound advice about precautions we should all be taking if we live alone. Here are just a few gadgets you should consider if you live alone. 

Smart Doorbell

Smart doorbells are game-changers for single folks and families alike because most can easily be accessed by an app on your phone allowing you to watch your front door from anywhere in the world, but also giving you the option of communicating with someone that might be at your door through the speaker, and of course, giving you the option to sound an alarm. Buy one here

TV Simulator

A good chunk of break-ins happen because the intruders assume that the house is empty. The best way to combat this is by simply making it look like you’re home and a TV simulator is a great way, cost-effective way to deter the bad guys. This is also an especially great invention for anyone who works nights, and at under $20, it’s worth the investment. Buy one here

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Anti-Theft Door Stopper

This door stopper is ideal for your bedroom door or any other door toward the back of your house because it will alert you, quite loudly we might add, that someone is trying to enter that room. For people that tend to sleep hard, you can set this alarm at the highest level of sensitivity, and if you suffer from a little anxiety at night, you can sleep easy knowing your door stopper’s got you. Buy one here

Window or Sliding Door Lock

Okay, how many scary movies and/or true crime stories have we heard where the intruder comes in through the sliding door or a window? Too many for comfort, that’s how many. If your sliding door doesn’t have a lock, then you need to invest in one of these locks that prevents anyone from opening your windows or opening sliding doors from the outside and it can only be removed by unscrewing it from the inside. Even if you do have locks, this is just an extra added precaution you can take. Buy one here!

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