All We Want For Christmas… Can Be Found at Target!

Just in case you were looking for another reason to go walking aimlessly around your local Target, we have several! We promise we were actually doing some online Christmas shopping, but we uhm, we got really distracted, but the good news? We bought all of our Christmas presents! Well, not for other people. We bought all of OUR Christmas presents for ourselves. Anyway, here are a few pieces we are currently obsessed with that you can nab at your local Target or online! Let’s get started. 

Women’s Ruffle Long Sleeve Blouse

Maybe it’s the Victorian in us, but we love the dramatic ruffle detail of this top, then add the buttons? We’re positively swooning. Believe it or not, this top is also super versatile; we love it dressed up tucked into a cropped black trouser then paired with a pointed toe slip-on, or if that’s a bit stuffy for you, we love the idea of making this top a little more causal by french tucking it into your favorite pair of skinny jeans (get outta here, Gen Z.) then paired with an accent booty. Buy here!

Zuri Mule

Our only Christmas wish is that mules never go out of style because we are absolutely obsessed with them. These are especially enticing for these cooler days with the faux-fur lining. Apparently, we’re all about versatility these days because these shoes are great for dressing up with maxi skirts or even wide-leg trousers, but can be easily transitioned to a more casual look by pairing them with jeans. Buy here!  

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Perfectly Cozy Plaid Flannel Pajama Set

Maybe we’re showing our age, but we’re all about matching pajama sets this winter, and this buffalo plaid set is warm and cozy just to look at, so we can only imagine how comfy they are to wear of an evening after lighting our new favorite candle from Target while we pour a glass of wine. Oh! And you can’t forget to pair these with your warmest, thickest, fuzziest socks. Buy here!

 Women’s High-Rise Tapered Pants

Excuse us, high-rise? With an elastic waist? And actual real pockets? Now Target is just teasing us. Guess what we love most about these pants? That’s right, their versatility! For these cooler days, we love the idea of pairing these pants with an oversized sweater, french-tucked in of course to show off that super fun waist, and say, a pair of mules. Once the days get longer and warmer we love the idea of pairing these pants with a graphic tee and a denim jacket. Buy here!

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