Adult Spring Breaks Are a Thing and You Need One

We’re here to convince you that as an adult, you need a spring break. Oh, you agree? Then our job here is done. Kidding! We have logic and spring break destination recommendations yet. (Alprazolam) Let’s get started! 

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Why Should You, an Adult, Go on Spring Break? 

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Vacations make you more productive. It’s not unusual after the cold, dreary winter to start feeling … not very productive. The sun is out, the temperature is slightly warmer, life is good, who wants to work? If you typically start feeling a little sluggish when spring rolls around, go on spring break! 

It’s Nostalgic

At some point in our life, we probably enjoyed a spring break vacation; whether it was with the family as kids or with friends as teenagers, most of us probably have some fond (hopefully fond) memory of going on a trip around springtime, so as an adult with adult money is the perfect time to relive the nostalgia. 

The Weather is Getting Good

Vacations during the summer are fun but they can be too hot, and during the winter is okay depending on where you’re going, but pretty much everywhere gets nicer and even more beautiful at springtime. 

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Okay, we probably had you at, “you need a spring break”, but just in case you need a little more convincing, here are a few destinations we suggest! 

New Orleans, Louisiana

Post Mardi Gras is a great time to go on a New Orleans vacation because you’ll experience some great savings and you’ll miss all of those rowdy crowds. Spring in New Orleans means outdoor concerts, visiting parks, and enjoying the outdoors by way of kayak or canoe. 

Charleston, South Carolina

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If you love food (and who doesn’t?) Charleston is a city you need to experience! Aside from being a great destination for foodies, Charleston is rich in history, has a happenin’ nightlife, and miles upon miles of sandy shore. 

Tulum, Mexico

We know what you’re thinking: spring beak? In MEXICO? But Tulum is a tranquil oasis away from it all. Late winter temperatures are ideal and the water is crystal clear. We do recommend going either before or after the first of May to avoid Cinco de Mayo crowds. 

Sedona, Arizona

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If the desert is more your thing, then we suggest booking a trip to Sedona. You’ll get to experience beautiful Red Rock formations, backpacking tours, and bike trails among the canyons.

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