Admission Officers Shared The Weird Reasons Why College Applications Were Rejected

College is not for anyone. It is frustrating to know that you have given your best and that it was not enough for an institution. Unfortunately, that is how the system works. Suppose you have applied to go to college. In that case, you have probably received a rejection letter from at least one of your desired universities. And there is something you probably did not get: an explanation. Many people get rejected from college every year. Still, college admission officers choose not to discuss the reasoning behind their decision. That is, until now. In one of the most popular Reddit forums, someone asked, “College admission officers, what is the worst reason not to accept a student?” Here are some of the funniest responses.

He later found out that the applicant he had rejected was actually a murderer

Having a large amount of expertise in the medical field does not seem like something that would be important for a college admission officer. However, there is always one case where the intuition you build based on your knowledge can save you and your peers from making a wrong decision.

Courtesy: Reddit

This professor had interviewed someone that appeared to be an excellent fit for the university. But his neuroscience and psychology background just told him that something was off about this impeccable applicant. He convinced their colleagues to reject him. And in the end, it was the right call for the university.

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