Accessories Your Four-Legged Princess Must Have

If you have a four-legged diva roaming around your house, then you understand the dog mom urge to order all of the pretty, frilly things you see. We totally get it, and we’re here to help! We created a little list of accessories you should go ahead and nab for your princess. Let’s get started! 

Mojave Dog Boots

Are you screaming at how absolutely adorable these are? Because we are. These boots are not only adorable and pretty in pink, but if you live somewhere cold, these are actually great for your princess to have so her little paws don’t get too cold. If pink simply isn’t her color, these are also available in pink or green. Or if she’s a real diva, all three colors. Buy here!

Pearl (Collar) Necklace

Oh come on, every girl needs a pearl necklace! Some girls just also need collars. Like your dog, for instance. This particular collar is made of silicone beads, it’s tasteless, odorless, and an all-around great option for your little girl! (Especially if she’s been looking for the perfect accessory to dress up her otherwise casual outfits!) Buy one here

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A Designer Handbag

A ladies’ outfit simply isn’t complete without the perfect designer handbag. And paired with the pearl collar? AND the boots? Now, there are a lot of options out there such as Pawda and Chewy Vuitton, but our personal favorite is this Sniffany and Co. bag. We know, we know, we’re bougie. Buy it here

Pink Princess Bed

Okay, how else do you expect her to get her beauty sleep? This is a bed fit for a princess. After a long day of walking in her boots, and carrying around her pearl necklace and Sniffany and Co. bag, a girl needs a nice place to lay her head! Buy it here

Pawdicure Dog Nail Polish Pen

What girl doesn’t love a good manicure and pedicure? This dog nail polish pen is a water-based, odorless, non-toxic formula that dries in about forty seconds, and the best part is these pens are easy to use and easy to manage if you have a squirmy little lady. These pens come in nine different colors so your pooch can have a mani/pedi to match all of her outfits. (Xanax) Buy them here

Printed Bandana

Not every outfit goes with a pearl necklace, for the more casual days, we suggest you have a printed pom bandana on hand. We adore this lemon print bandana, but you can get them in just about any print or color you can imagine. So yes, you should absolutely order one in her favorite color as well as one for every holiday. Buy it here!

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