40 Of The Best Life-Changing Decisions Worth Trying

Making decisions is one of the greatest aspects of adulthood. Decisions have the power to alter people’s reality and cause lasting changes that may affect our lives forever. Sometimes, the right decision is all people need to transform their lives for the better, but we need to ask ourselves what we want and whether we are happy where we are. The answers to those questions may propel us towards a life-changing decision. Most of us don’t wake up every morning and decide to do something new. But a movie, a social media post or random comment, or a story in the local paper can inspire a life-changing decision. Sure, it’s not advised to take advice from random strangers on the internet, but sometimes even strangers can give the best kind of advice. This is mostly because they have absolutely nothing to gain from lying to or tricking others. Not to mention, the best kind of advice to take is from someone who has experienced life. Here is a compilation of 40 of the best life-altering decisions that some Reddit users have made with amazing end results. Feel free to consider or try them out if they resonate or else learn a thing or two. So, get a notebook and a pen because some of these lessons are very memorable and worth jotting down so as not to forget anytime soon.

Education Brings Opportunities

It is said that investing in knowledge pays the best interest, and this comment proves that. A lot of people live with decades’ worth of regret for not completing their education, but it is never too late to start learning. Let’s not forget that age is only a number. Not finishing high school or college as a young adult doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find a program to enroll in during mid-life.


There’s peace of mind and fulfillment in completing one’s education, at any age. Doing so also affords the student the chance to pursue opportunities that not only pay better but provide professional satisfaction. Just bite the bullet and enroll in a degree or certification program.

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