40 Humorous Fake Products Ads To Look At When In Need Of A Good Laugh

This One Is Definitely For The Men

This one is actually a real product; it’s not just called Italian Spring. The real product, Irish Spring 5-in-1, is a shampoo, conditioner, body and face soap, and a 34-hour deodorizer. While it can be called a super-power bathing essential, users don’t wholeheartedly agree. The graphic artist that did this, Ronaldo, must have been trying to make a mockery of the fact that the product is heavily used by both old and young Italians. Also, naming the scent Olive, a traditional must-have for any Italian, makes this joke even funnier.

Courtesy: Instagram

But jokes aside, it’s hard to believe that anyone would buy one single product that is marketed as a product that can achieve all of the distinctive purposes listed above. Each element of hygiene clearly needs its own separate and specialized product to produce the most effective results.

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