40 Humorous Fake Products Ads To Look At When In Need Of A Good Laugh

We All Have Someone Who Needs This

We all know someone who can’t stop talking. There is no silent moment when hanging out with this person because they will continue rattling off until the end of the meeting or social outing. Most times, these people mean no harm and just love to talk, oblivious to the inconvenience or irritation they cause to others around them. The product in this picture would have been a perfect gift for them if it was real.

Courtesy: Instagram

But even though we think that the message on this meme is quite passive-aggressive, if not outrightly rude, it’s just a meme, after all. Therefore, we don’t think it would cause too much damage. That being said, it is always nicer to gently tell someone that they talk too much instead of sending them such a snarky message.

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