40 Humorous Fake Products Ads To Look At When In Need Of A Good Laugh

The Truth Behind The Mysterious Colgate Beef Lasagna

There are a lot of controversies regarding the accuracy of the picture below. Although Colgate denied ever creating a failed food product, there is evidence that suggests that Colgate possibly attempted to expand into the food industry using the Colgate frozen Beef Lasagna. It reportedly hit a brick wall when it tried creating a food line in the 1980s.


Rumor has it that Colgate wanted to penetrate the lucrative ready/frozen meal market by capitalizing on the consumer loyalty that already existed for the brand. The supposed goal was to entice people into eating their frozen meals and then brushing their teeth with the company’s toothpaste. The idea was apparently rejected by the market. Nobody wanted to buy frozen food from a company that uses chloride to make mint-flavored toothpaste. We guess it will forever remain a mystery as long as Colgate isn’t willing to say.

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