40 Humorous Fake Products Ads To Look At When In Need Of A Good Laugh

Birthdays Just Got Creamy

The collaboration between a chocolate company and a condiments company seems surprising, if not off-putting. This is one odd condiment to hit the grocery store shelf. Although the picture below may look like an April Fool’s Day prank, it is an actual product called the Cadbury Creme Egg-Flavored Mayonnaise.

Courtesy: Instagram 

This spread is made of Heinz’s well-known mayo mixed with Cadbury Creme Egg filling, crème pâtissière, and pieces of Cadbury Creme Egg chocolate shell. It’s a mystery to know what this colorful mayo would go well with. Heinz suggests that it be paired with waffles, toast, or crumpets. We are less sure.

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